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Full Interview: Theo Fleury & Eric Kussin | Canadiens Connection BONUS

Bonus Edition

Special Show: Theo Fleury & Eric Kussin (full interview)

  • In this special bonus edition of the Canadiens Connection podcast, Rick Stephens and Amy Johnson welcomed former NHL great Theo Fleury and sports executive Eric Kussin for a wide-ranging conversation on sports, trauma and mental health. The 100-minute discussion is honest, compelling and very powerful.
  • Kussin is the founder of the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement and along with Fleury, a mental health advocate and Darren Rovell, sports business insider, the trio will be launching a new podcast titled We're All A Little 'Crazy' on The Hockey Podcast Network.
  • Use the player below to listen to the entire show.
  • This conversation is a supplement to the full Canadiens Connection episode 131 | Rookies and Legends. Be sure to check it out.

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Rick Stephens

Rick is the Founder and President of Rocket Sports. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for our publications and Director of Scouting. This followed a long, successful career in academia. These days, you’ll find him where he is most comfortable, in a press box arena or sharing his insights from behind a microphone.
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Amy Johnson

From Draft Day to winning a championship, Amy is a credentialed professional hockey reporter at the junior, national, NCAA, IIHF, ECHL, AHL, and NHL levels.

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Chris G is a Senior writer for AllHabs.net and AHLReport.com covering Montreal Canadiens and Laval Rocket.

Chris is also a regular contributor to the Canadiens Connection podcast. Previously hosted 250+ episodes of the Habs360 podcast.

Habs Notepad published weekly on Mondays during Habs season and contributor to the Canadiens Connection podcast. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisHabs360